L.J.L.P.G. Engelen

Reshape Innovation Centre


Lucien Engelen (1962) has worked since 2007 at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre as Head of the regional emergency healthcare network. 

He also advises the Board in terms of changes in healthcare enhancing the participation of the patients and their informal care in their own disease, working towards raising the level of participation in Health(care), research and education. 

He is founding Director of the Radboud REshape Center, that acts on the convergence of technology and patient empowerment. Creating breakthrough programs, foresights and products if industry lacks progression itself.

Positions & roles

At Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen

  • Director Radboud REshape Center
  • Head of the Regional Emergency Network
  • Advisory of the Executive Board

Other formal positions

He was named one of the initial 150 world thought leaders and invited to blog on LinkedIn Today as part of the influencers program (500.000+ followers as of july 2014),


  • Dutch National TV future-affairs program Backlight (Tegenlicht) aired a documentary on his vision and approach to change healthcare into a more participatory environment in the REshape Innovation Center at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen (video)
  • Author of several books, essays, chapters and scientific articles on the change of healthcare due to shifting patients perspectives and (exponential) technology
  • Organized 5 health focussed 1000+ seats TEDx-s and gave two TED-talks himself, one of which was featured on the famous TED.com platform
  • Awarded with the Radboud Medal 2015
  • Awarded with the TIM 2015 as most inspirational leader in IT

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